History of the Triple X Fraternity

The Triple X Fraternity was founded by eight young men of Armenian parentage in the year 1918 in Fresno, California.

While attending Fresno State University, these young men attempted to join various fraternities, but because of their heritage, they were denied from joining any school fraternity. So instead, they decided to start their own fraternal organization.

The name “Triple X” commonly known now as Trex was adopted for the organization and represents the Roman numeral for thirty “XXX”, which was the total number of members they hoped to acquire and limit the group’s size.

They established that the purpose and objectives of the Fraternity were to promote charity, benevolence, mental improvement, social culture, and strengthening of the bonds of friendship among its members; to observe and adhere to the principals of truth, justice and loyalty.

Now over 100 years later, there have been 13 non-profit chapters established throughout California and Nevada with over 750 members strong.